Iridium Club in New York

 Steve Lucas, Jann Klose, Larry Crowe, John Hawken, Jesse Gress, Jim McCarty, Ron Korb

    In May 2012 I went on the road with the Jim McCarty Band again. John Hawken from the Strawbs was joining us and since… Read more

Beethoven's Apartment

 Beethoven's Pasqualatihaus

  Beethoven moved 60 times while living in Vienna. Roughly once every six months. One such place is the Pasqualatihaus named after its landlord Josef Benedikt Baron Pasqualati. In this four room apartment Beethoven wrote some of his…

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flautist Ian Clarke

Ron Korb and Ian Clarke       Celebrated British flautist Ian Clarke gave a concert in Toronto at St. Andrews on Bloor Street on October 8th 2011. He is a professor of flute at the Guildhall School of Music and… Read more

90th Birthday for a Canadian Legend

     Monty Hall, Marilyn Hall, Ron Korb, and Canadian Embassador Gary Doer This photgraph was taken at Monty Hall's 90th birthday party at the residence of the Consulate General in Los Angeles. In the photo are Monty Hall… Read more

Yosemite Flute Festival

 Yosemite National Park In September 2011 Ron had a wonderful experience playing at the Yosemite Flute Festival. He got a ride from Los Angeles with Scott August who is a prominent flutist in the Native Flute genre.…Read more

Hiroshima Lantern Festival

Attendants release the paper lanterns at the end of Hiroshima ceremony. Every year the Hiroshima Day Coalition presents an event on August 6th. This year it was the Commemoration of the 66th anniversary of the 1945 Hiroshima…Read more

J.S. Bach's Church - Thomaskirche, Leipzig

J.S. Bach's Statue outside St. Thomas Church in Leipzig. On our way to Prague we stopped off in Leipzig. A few people in Hamburg discouraged us from visiting it saying there wasn't much to see but actually…Read more

Tsunami Relief Benefit Concert

Fukushima tsunami benefit concert Ron Korb performed at the Tsunami Relief benefit fundraiser called "Gambaro Japan". There was a wide array of talent raising money for the Japan relief effort including Cuban musicians, a Japanese shamisen player…Read more

Guo Flutes

David Guo, Pearly and Ron Korb in the Guo offices in Taichung. In 2010, I visited Guo Flutes in Taichung, Taiwan. This innovative company was founded in 1988 by the two Guo brothers Geoffrey and David making…Read more