Behind the Mask (Music Book)
  • Behind the Mask (Music Book)
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The Behind the Mask songbook contains all the sheet music from the album notated in professional lead sheet form (melody and chords). The forms of the songs adhere to the way there are on the CD.
Here are the songs included:

 1. Fields Of Home
 2. Behind The Mask
 3. Dark Eyes
 4. Shadow Puppets
 5. Caravan
 6. Faith
 7. Mirage
 8. Shadow Dance
 9. Desert Night
10.The Longing
11.Golden Robes
12.Journey Home
13.Voices In The Sky
14.Shadow Dance Reprise
15.Fields of Home Reprise
16. Caravan (Koto part)
17. Journey Home (Koto part)

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