Kuala Lumpur

We travelled by skytrain to downtown Kuala Lumpur which is Malaysia’s capital and often abbreviated as K.L. This is the biggest and most economically driven city in the country. It is hard to believe that the last time I was in KL was before the Petronas Twin Towers were built. For a brief period from 1998 to 2004 they were the tallest buildings in the world until Taipei 101 was built. Now there are many other buildings taller like the new ones in Shanghai and of course the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The Twin Towers were used in the film "Entrapment" with Sean Connery.

These towers are very beautiful incorporate quite ingeniously motifs found in Islamic art and the way they are lite is quite amazing. I also like the bridge that connects the two towers. Although it looks like it this photo hasn't been retouched in any way.

The next day we took a flight to Taiwan and we were surprised that the airport was so far. More than an hour by taxi in what seemed like a moonsoon. Fortunately the weather cleared up before our flight.

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