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Label: Humble Dragon/2004/UNDVD2004
Genre: World Music/Jazz/Latin/Japanese Music/Celtic 

The Ron Korb Live DVD offers an intimate look at the music and life of world renowned flutist Ron Korb. Filmed on a wintery evening in the pavilion at the peak of Mont Arthabaska, overlooking Victoriaville Quebec, this DVD captures the energy, warmth and magic of this international artist's live performances.

Featured in the concert are Ron's group consisting of Ray Hickey Jr. guitar, koto, pipa, Bill Evans on piano B3 organ and accordian, Steve Bright on acoustic bass, stick and shamisen, and Larry Crowe on drums. Guest artists include Alain-François, violin and footstomping by Dominic Grenier.

  1. Opening
  2. Concert Program
  3. Shadow Dance
  4. Harvest Jig
  5. Caravan
  6. Green Eyed Maiden
  7. Dark Eyes
  8. Shadow Dance Reprise
  9. Long Shadows
  10. Casco Viejo
  11. Planxty Nan
  12. Credits
  13. Bass Flute Improvisation

Music Videos
• Spirit of India
• Cuchulainn
• Fields of Home
• Journey Home
• Oracle

Special Features
• In Conversation with Ron Korb
• Instrument Dictionary
• Photo Gallery
• Biography
• Discography

Audio Options
• 5.1 Dolby Surround
• 2.0 Stereo
• 2.0 Audio Commentary

More About Special Features

Instrument Gallery
Includes sound samples, photographs and descriptions in English and French of 35 world music instruments.

In Conversation with Ron Korb
An up close and personal interview in which Ron shares the inspiration for his music. Features spectacular video footage and travel photos from Ron's personal collection.

Photo Gallery
Slide show to the music of The Zen Garden from Japanese Mysteries. Features stunning photos from Ron's concert tours in Quebec and his travels in Japan, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, and Cambodia.

Audio Commentary
Ron Korb provides insight into each of the songs and the making of the DVD

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Oriental Angels vs Ron Korb
  • Oriental Angels vs Ron Korb


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Label: ROI, China/2010/ DVD-0044
Genre: World Music/Chinese Music

Concert Content:

  1. Shadow Puppets (by Ron Korb)
  2. Dream of the Angels
  3. Casco Viejo (by Ron Korb)
  4. Dark Eyes (by Ron Korb)
  5. Street singer
  6. Cuchulainn (by Ron Korb)
  7. Little Jade (by Ron Korb)
  8. Song of Ali Mountain
  9. Butterfly Lovers
  10. Green Eyed Maiden (by Ron Korb)
  11. Forbidden City
  12. Victory


  • This DVD is PAL compatable and can be played on computers. (NOT NTSC compatable.)
  • Contain Chinese texts.
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