Ron has over thirty critically acclaimed releases and reissues in twenty countries on various record labels. The albums are on many top favourite lists and legendary singers in Asia have made cover versions of his music.

2018   World Café

2015   Asia Beauty

2013   Europa

2010   Oriental Angels vs Ron Korb DVD東方魅力vs龍笛 (China)

2009   Once Upon A Time 龍笛傳說 (Taiwan)

2009   Dragon Heart 龍の心 (Singapore)

2008   Native Earth 聖靈大地 (Taiwan)

2007   Ron Korb 龙笛-当代第一魔笛 (China)

2006   Our Native Land

2006   East West Road

2005   Rainforest Flute-Ron Korb and Ken Davis

2005   Seasons: Christmas Carols – Ron Korb and Donald Quan

2005   Ron Korb Live (Singapore) 2004   Ron Korb Live DVD

2004   Ron Korb Live CD

2004   Celtic Quest 重返祕世界 (Taiwan)

2003   Romancing The Dragon-The Best of Ron Korb (Singapore)

2003   World Of Ron Korb

2002   Taming The Dragon 龍笛 (Taiwan)

2001   Behind the Mask東方戀 (Taiwan)

2001   Celtic Heartland 心靈祕境 (Taiwan)

2000   Celtic Heartland

2000   Celtic Quest

2000   Rencontre en Provence (France)

1999   Tapestries-Titanic Odyssey

1999   Mada Minu Tomo e (Japan)

1999   Taming The Dragon

1998   Celtic Skye

1998   Natural Friends (UK)

1996   Tapestries-Celtic Dawn

1995   Behind The Mask

1994   Flute Traveller

1993   Japanese Mysteries –Ron Korb and Hiroki Sakaguchi

1990   Tear Of The Sun – Ron Korb and Donald Quan

1989   Bach for Relaxation

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