90th Birthday for a Canadian Legend

Monty Hall Party in Los Angeles
Monty Hall, Marilyn Hall, Ron Korb, and Canadian Embassador Gary Doer
This photgraph was taken at Monty Hall's 90th birthday party at the residence of the Consulate General in Los Angeles. In the photo are Monty Hall, his wife Marilyn, myself and Canada's Ambassador in Washington Gary Doer.
     The organizers put me up at  That day I had to get up early and take a propeller prop plane from Eureka,CA to San Francisco and then to LAX. Shortly after I arrived at the airport I was taken to the The Four Seasons in Beverly Hills and was picked up and hour later and taken to soundcheck with the four piece band.
The event was a well paced variety show hosted by Peter Marshall with entertainers like Gloria Loring, Norm Crosby, Nita Whittaker and Jack Jones. Paul Anka and David Foster both gave birthday salutations via video. My whole contribution was two songs Cuchulainn and the first performance of St. Johann.

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