Yosemite Flute Festival

yosemite park
 Yosemite National Park
In September 2011 Ron had a wonderful experience playing at the Yosemite Flute Festival. He got a ride from Los Angeles with Scott August who is a prominent flutist in the Native Flute genre. His albums are featured in all the National Parks gift stores. The lovely organizers of the festival Rick and Linda Dunlap provided a beautiful ranch style house for the artists outside of Oakhurst where the festival is held. Really enjoyed hearing the other musicians and what they have created using the Native Flute. One of the participants was kind enough to take Ron on a tour through the park and seeing the giant Sequoia trees. It is really a thrill to experience such incredible nature.

That night Ron headlined a concert with two other acts at the Sierra Sky Ranch. Halfway through his show he was joined by native musician Randy Granger on the halo drum. For his encore Ron was joined by the two other performers Rona Yellow Robe and Rafael Bejarano. The following morning Ron gave a class on breathing and tone production.

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