Gala Charity Event in Shanghai

Ron Korb and Li Jia
Li Jia and Ron Korb, Shanghai
     The Charity Carnival is a grand event held annually in Shanghai at the Millennium Hotel in Hongqiao. This charity raises money for operations for children from poor families with congenital heart disease. Charity Carnival is now in its ninth year but that was the first year it featured live performance. It was an honor to be asked to headline in 2010 along with many talented local performers.
     I played a few of my own pieces and then was joined by Pipa virtuoso Li jia. She did a lovely rendition of a challenging piece from the Chinese classical pipa literature.  Then we played one of my pieces, Dark Eyes, which she knew by heart since she is in a traditional group that plays an arrangement of the song as part of their repertoire. Li Jia is the first woman to receive a PhD in Chinese classical music.
     The administration of the charity are all volunteers and the entire proceeds go directly to sponsor the children. That year we raised over 1,000,000 RMB (approx. $165,000 USD) for the cause.

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