To Blog or Not to Blog?

A month ago I went to a writers meeting at a local restaurant. It was very enriching to get feedback on my writing and learn a little about the way the writing world works. The discussion quickly moved to the impact of social media and blogging. In the old days the only pipeline for a writer was through traditional means such as magazines, newspapers and book publishers. Of course this was difficult because you need to be approved by all the various gate keepers. Even if a publisher liked your story you would then have to work with an editor before public presentation. Now anyone who wants to express themselves can simply post online, mistakes and all. Personally, I can’t believe how many mistakes I have made when I read my older postings.

Many professional writers have commented on the low level of blogs in terms of research, formation of ideas and execution. However, today we live in a DYI society and bloggers don’t have editors. By the time we get to the bottom of our screen we hit send.
I always thought that if there was an open and shared platform like the internet that people’s minds would open up more as well. In some ways the opposite has happened. Because you can focus on only what interests you and to sites with opinions you share many people actually become narrower in their views. I have seen some friends become obsessed with certain sites that seem to polarize their views even more.
As far as my own blog well we will see how it goes. I tend to blog in a flurry and then nothing for months and months.

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