The story of Kimiko’s Pearl is written by Emmy Award winner Howard Reich and inspired by the family history of Bravo Niagara!’s co-founders Christine Mori and Alexis Spieldenner.

The narrative unfolds not with words but via music, movement, and imagery. Kimiko’s Pearl features original music by Kevin Lau, sound design by Aaron Tsang, and choreography by Yosuke Mino of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. Directed by Jeff Herd and produced by Bravo Niagara!, Kimiko’s Pearl: Digital Short features Royal Winnipeg Ballet Principal Dancers Alanna McAdie, Yue Shi, and Chenxin Liu. The work is performed by Conrad Chow (violin), Rachel Mercer (cello), Ron Korb (shinobue, flute), and Mariko Anraku (harp).