Ron Korb Live (CD)
  • Ron Korb Live (CD)


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Label: Humble Dragon/2004/ UNCD 2004
Genre: World Music/Jazz/Latin

A hybrid of jazz and world, music, the Ron Korb Live CD complements the DVD and features music recorded live in Quebec at Ron Korb's Mont Arthabaska concert. This concert consists of many of Ron Korb’s most popular tunes from his albums such as Behind The Mask, Celtic Heartland, as well as some new unreleased material. This DVD was produced and directed by Grammy, Emmy and Juno award winning team of Pierre and François Lamoureux. The Lamoureux bros have produced such artists as Rush, The Who, Cirque du Soleil, deadmau5 Alanis Morissette, and Harry Connick Jr. The CD is 77.48 minutes in length, and includes 5 bonus tracks.

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