J.S. Bach's Church - Thomaskirche, Leipzig

ron korb J.S Bach statue
J.S. Bach's Statue outside St. Thomas Church in Leipzig.
On our way to Prague we stopped off in Leipzig. A few people in Hamburg discouraged us from visiting it saying there wasn't much to see but actually it was a high point for me.

Leipzig is not only the city from which Mendelssohn, Mahler and Schumann are closely associated but also the Father of Harmony himself - Johann Sebastian Bach. I had only been there once as a child and I must say it has improved since reunification. First stop was the Bach Archive which was very moving for me to see some of J.S's original parchments. Across the square was St. Thomas Church where Bach had composed and choir directed for more than 25 years of his career. However, the tourist hours had past After we toured the archive the church was closed to tourists but then we noticed worshippers going into the service. peopWhene actually watched a service which contained quite a bit of music. Amazing to realize that many of the most beautiful pieces of music were written and premiered in that very space such as  St. Mathew Passion and The Magnificat.

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