Monday Musings with Maestoso


Join Keith Richie live at 5PM CDT on Monday July 12th, 2021 for another episode of Monday Musings with Maestoso where I'll be joined by my special guest and friend Ron Korb! Grammy nominated and multi-award-winning flautist Ron Korb is famous for playing a wide variety indigenous woodwinds from around the world. His critically acclaimed music has been released in twenty countries on various record labels. The albums are on many top favourite lists and legendary singers in Asia have made cover versions of his music. He has toured extensively throughout Europe, Canada, The USA, Central America, Australia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore and Japan. Ron’s compositions are evoke imagery of the diverse cultural traditions and experiences of his travels. We multicast to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. Find more details about how to watch in the following link!